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Almond Cake (Sugar Free)

This cake only has four ingredients & happens to be sugar free, flour free, gluten free & dairy free. We really enjoyed it. Passed the husband, children AND mommy test! I made some homemade whipping cream sweetened with a little vanilla creme flavored stevia. This would be excellent with some fresh berries as well. ALMOND… Continue reading Almond Cake (Sugar Free)

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Non-dairy Alternative for Shakes, Cooking, or Baking

If you need a dairy alternative for cooking & shakes try this: Mix 1 can coconut milk + 1/2 can water For baking use this “soured” non-dairy alternative: To sour the coconut milk mixture place 1 Tb apple cider vinegar in bottom of measuring cup. Now fill to 1 cup mark with non-dairy alternative (the… Continue reading Non-dairy Alternative for Shakes, Cooking, or Baking