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Just Rambling

I can’t believe it’s October! This year is moving along pretty quickly. I’m ready for cooler temps, pumpkin everything & cozy clothes. Love this time of year.

We have continued to pay off medical debt, over $20,000 so far. We’ve gotten off track over the last few months, so I’d like to do another spending freeze for the rest of the year if possible. We had to buy the boys a whole new wardrobe in September. All the sudden none of their clothes fit & I cannot believe they’re now wearing men’s small shirts.

The boys started Classical Conversations Challenge A in August. I’m so glad we decided to go for it. They are learning so much & becoming so responsible & independent at the same time.  They are still enjoying playing golf & we hope to get them new clubs soon that fit them better. Both boys love going to church & are both in youth now.

Jonathan & I are doing pretty well. He broke his tailbone this July so life has been painful for him lately. We joke that as soon as one thing is better, something else sets him back. He suffers well at least & tries to not get too discouraged. God is gracious & we are blessed in so many ways.


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