~ 2016 ~ a look back


2016 has been a year of answered prayer, loss, joy & pain.

Jonathan has suffered a lot physically, but God has sustained him especially on the days he needs to fulfill his calling to preach & teach. He is faithful!

I have learned some hard lessons, been humbled multiple times, lost some dreams that weren’t His will, surrendered many things, but God has used it to grow my faith, convict my heart & fine-tune some character flaws that didn’t glorify Him. Also, I was healed from 28 years of painful cycles after praying earnestly that He’d take it from me. He is faithful!

Joshua was spiritually born again, became a teenager, started 7th grade, read through Proverbs several times & discovered two new sports to enjoy: ping-pong & golf. He is faithful!

Braeden’s autoimmune disease improved, turned 11, started 6th grade, read through Proverbs several times, started taking golf lessons & began frequently talking about a possible call on his life to be a pastor. He is faithful!


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