Life in Arkansas

Jonathan & I never imagined that someday we would live in Arkansas! All four of us really like it here. We especially love our new church family. We pray that our ministry here will be a fruitful one for God’s glory.

IMG_6257Jonathan thoroughly enjoys being a pastor again & getting to shepherd, teach & preach. It truly is his giftedness & greatest joy in life! He has lost over 40 lbs this year & is feeling great after drastically “upgrading” his diet. He is excited about having access to good bow hunting here & has some of the best guy friends I’ve ever seen him have. He is obviously in the most content season of his life yet. I am blessed by his leadership over our family & his devotion to loving & caring for us. I think our 15th year of marriage has been our best as a couple yet. I love & appreciate him more now than ever. God has blessed us.


The boys are still homeschooled & we are part of a great local Classical Conversations group. I love being their momma & spending my days with them at home. They are becoming more like little teenagers everyday, especially Joshua who turns 12 in a few days. Where has the time gone?


Joshua is a major extrovert! He has such an outgoing personality & makes friends very easily. There are no strangers in his world. He enjoys building impressive creations out of legos & taking care of the chickens & bunnies. He always goes to church 30 mins early so he can “see people” a little sooner. His favorite school subject is science & nature study. He loves to catch bugs, frogs & spiders, making homes for them out of boxes or jars. He likes to use his microscope to look at stuff he finds. He is super creative & curious! I am blessed by his caring, giving spirit.


Braeden, who is 10 & almost as tall as me, is an impressive orator, & talented writer. He has a way with words that amazes me for a ten year old! He likes to read & although shyer than his older brother, is a very loyal friend to those he hits it off with. His favorite subject is probably IEW (writing) & he loves presentations at CC where he can stand in front of the class and talk. He is very artistic & analytical. I am blessed by his tender heart for Jesus & his cuddles.


I am still pretty much into the same hippie things as always…Young Living essential oils, cooking, holistic living, etc. My focus lately has been on growing in my prayer life, learning to cook more grain free foods, practicing hospitality, getting backyard chickens established again & hopefully starting a new vegetable/herb garden. Usually my free time is spent collecting recipes, planning meals, cooking, researching stuff I’m interested in. Sometimes I think I’m too goofy to be a decent pastor’s wife, but hopefully God will use me in spite of myself. God is so faithful to our little family & I am so grateful for His salvation & presence in our lives.

The best is yet to come,




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