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Trials Can Lead To Intense Laughter

The irony of this blog post’s title is not lost on me.

Let me show you how this has played out in my life…

Last year, I was inspired to start the tradition of making a little photo book, showcasing the highlights of our family’s year. Within it I included a survey page that asked five questions. The fourth question was, “What were the great losses of the year?”

Boy did I have a whopper of a paragraph as an answer to that question! It was THE year of loss for our family (although not the only year of loss). It was a year of trial indeed. So how did that year of trial lead to intense laughter you might ask?

When we received the photo book in the mail from Snapfish, we enjoyed looking through our new yearbook. When I read over the survey question page, I burst into a fit of laughter with tears and all. What struck me as so hilarious was the thought of what must have been going through the mind of the person who put our little book together, thus reading number four. Here is what it read. Exactly.

We have lost several early pregnancies, I had surgery to remove my left fallopian tube in July after an ectopic pregnancy. We lost all of our chickens to a coon during the drought. Jonathan (my husband) was hurt when a grill fell into his chest off the porch and may have cracked his ribs. Just when he was getting over that he stepped on a board of nails and had two of them pierce the arch and heal of his left foot. Then in the early morning hours of December 12, I went to roll out of bed to go to the restroom and didn’t realize I was already on the edge of the bed so I fell and landed on my knee. It made me almost pass out, vomit and I did black out and fall twice on my way back to bed after making it to the restroom. Our faith has been challenged and tested greatly this year.”

Is that not the most pitiful sounding groanings you have ever heard? So pitiful that it is laughable. Of course it was not laughable at at the time, but now I cannot read it without laughing. It doesn’t help that the cover photo for our family’s little book was this one:


Can you say, “A-w-k-w-a-r-d”? My sons look slightly deranged…almost as if they had lost all their chickens to coons recently. Bahaha

So now you know how “trials can lead to intense laughter”


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