Family Favorite · Pasta

Simple Pasta with Mushrooms and Cream

Simply a favorite. Amounts are not measured or exact. You can’t mess it up so no worries. What could go wrong when you combine pasta + cream + mushrooms? In my estimation, absolutely nothing

1 serving

a hand full or so of some fresh chopped mushrooms
1 Tb butter
1 serving of cooked spaghetti noodles
1/4 cup or so heavy whipping cream
salt, pepper and shredded (I prefer shredded over grated in this recipe) parmesan to taste

Cook your noodles. In the meantime, lightly brown your mushrooms with the butter in a medium-high skillet.You want the skillet to be hot enough to put a little brown on them, but not burn them crispy. If you do too low of heat the mushrooms will be more “boiled” in its own juices than browned. When mushrooms are done to your preference, add in the cream, lower the heat a bit and let it bubble up a second to soak up all the yummy mushroom goodness. Toss with the cooked noodles and add salt, freshly grated black pepper and shredded parmesan, to taste. Thank the loving LORD for His provision and the gift of taste buds. Eat.

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