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Moving North

After almost seven years as pastor and wife at our first pastorate in Southwest Oklahoma, Jonathan and I are moving!

Well over a year ago, Jonathan and I simutaneously began to feel a pull north (particularly the Utah/Idaho area). We did not know exactly what that meant or would look like. At the same time, Jonathan & I both felt that his time as the pastor at Buffalo was drawing to an end. Again, we didn’t know what that meant. Did that mean we had two more months, two more years, or two more days? We waited and waited with no further answers or direction for what seemed like f-o-r-e-v-e-r (doesn’t waiting always feel that way?). We had even started to wonder if we had heard correctly.

Finally, we received the direction and timing we were waiting on this August, during the “On Mission Weekend” that our church’s association held. The missionary that our church happened to was divinely appointed ; ) to host, was from UTAH. Actually, his wife is from Southwest Oklahoma and we went to the same school in Leedey for a few years, back in the day. Anywho, they moved to Utah from this area a few years ago to start a new church work and reach the lost. His testimony “stirred our nest” (which is the description he used to explain what they had gone through a few years back when they were being called north) and it was confirmed in our spirits and hearts that this was our “north”.

Jonathan’s resume is at several churches in the Utah/Idaho area and although we have not been called to one of them yet, we know it is time to take a step of faith in that direction. We plan to live at my in-laws in Texas for the month of December, and use that time as a Sabbatical rest full of prayer and refreshment in the Lord. Then if we still have not been called to a church by January, we will move to Boise. Jonathan is in contact with the former president of the Southern Baptist convention there and will have opportunities to supply preach. Obviously he will have to get a job there and find a place for us to live in the interim as well. We appreciate your prayers for this new venture! We are excited and eager to follow the call north.


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