menu plans

Our Menu Plan 9/10/12 – 9/15/12

This menu plan may reflect that I have been craving the richer foods of fall. Who am I kidding? I always crave rich foods. Anyways, I have been focusing on using up food we have on hand from the freezer and pantry, like the rest of our grass fed beef from last year and the last of our organic chickens.

to do: thaw homemade chicken broth and soak beans for white chili
B – Raw Cherry Kefir Smoothies
L – taco salad
D – Whiskey Short Rib Sliders

to do: get soaker waffles in the blender for overnight soak
B – Firehouse Fritatta
L – sandwhiches
D – Slow Cooker White Bean Chili served with chips, avocado slices, cheese and sour cream

B – Soaked Waffles (recipe coming soon)
L – leftover white bean chili
D – Blackened Flounder with dirty rice and steamed green beans

to do: thaw sausage for gravy
B – Blueberry Sunrise Smoothie
L – Easy Tomato and Pasta Soup
D – Muddy Chicken Skewers with grilled veggies

B – Daddy’s Sausage Gravy and biscuits
L – leftovers
D – Chickpea and Tomato Cheapskate Spaghetti (recipe coming soon)


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