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Baird Family Reunion – Labor Day 2012

                         My Grandaddy Paul Baird in his Navy uniform with his first son (my uncle Lestie)
My Grandaddy Paul was one of twelve (two of which died as infants) children born to my Great Grandparents, Warren Coy Baird and Sarah Callie Smith/Baird. Warren Coy Baird was born in Dequeen, Arkansas, on 25 Dec 1882 to John Harrison Baird and Angeline Cornish. Here are the names of the ten children of Warren and Sarah: Jackie, Johnny, Juanita, Kenneth, Louise, Melvin, Neva, Smithy, Vic and Paul.

When my Grandaddy Paul was born, his mother said, “this one is going to be a preacher”, so she named him Paul after the apostle Paul. Grandaddy was a farmer and never did become a preacher, but his youngest son (my daddy) did as well as two of his grandsons (my brother Timothy and cousin Ted), and his granddaughter’s (me) husband. Sarah may not have realized it, but it’s as if she was speaking prophetically. As far as I know, of the ten children, Paul’s line was the only one that ended up having preachers. She was just a generation off *giggle*.

Kenneth Warren Baird is the only one left of the ten Baird children and he and his wife Pam were able to be at the reunion today. They come all the way from California to Oklahoma for the reunions almost every single year which is so amazing to me! He has always been  my favorite to visit with. Here is a picture of him with my daddy and my two uncles:

                           My Daddy, Kenneth Warren Baird, Bobby Joe Baird, Lestie Glen Baird 

Paul and Paula’s three sons and some of their children and grandchildren

But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.
Deuteronomy 5:10

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