Only The Word of God Will Last

Whew! This week was crazy! And emotional. And did I mention nuts?!

We started back to school on Monday. Teaching children (even my own) is a challenge for me. I don’t exactly “enjoy” it. But I am thankful that I get that precious time with them : ) We are doing Exploring My Father’s World and I love all the history I am learning alongside the boys.

On top of school we spent much of the week sorting through my parents belonging to see what we wanted to keep before they sold most of them. They ALREADY sold their home and close on it next week! They are preparing to store what little they are keeping while they move into a borrowed 5th wheel until they move.

Yesterday we had a huge four family garage sale at the parking lot of the church where my dad pastors. Jonathan and I sold some things too in the sale so my house was trashed out all week as I made piles of things to sell. The sale went very well and God’s provision was evident. He even held the rain off when there was a 50% chance of it. The whole week and the sale was emotional for me. I watched my mom and grandmother’s paintings sell like hot cakes. We have limited space and I can’t store them all, so I picked a few that meant the most to me and watched the rest go home with other families. I keep hoping that I don’t regret letting certain things go. The Lord reminds me again to not hold too tightly to things that will be destroyed by rust and moth (even if they are sentimental things).

 The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
1 John 2:17


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