menu plans

Menu Plan 8/20/12 – 8/24/12

We start back to home school this week so we shall see how well I stick to the menu plan.

B – mini crustless breakfast quiches (keep a bag of these bad girls in the freezer)
L- leftover Sunday roast meets bbq sauce = bbq sandwiches
D – Mexican Food Bar (lettuce, avocado, taco meat, beans, salsa, rice, etc. – think Chipotle burrito bowls)

B –Soaked Muesli Breakfast Cookies
L – Chicken nuggets, peas and carrot sticks with ranch dip
D – Flavorful Flounder with steamed veggies

B- Waffles (I make soaked waffles every week and keep them in the freezer)
L – Sandwiches
D – Blackened Chicken with Alfredo with Salad

B – Kefir Smoothies
L – leftovers
D – Girls Night Out

B – eggs and toast
L – ?
D – Family Fun Night – Jonathan’s pick = PW comfort meatballs and baked mac and cheese


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