Silencing The Lambs

Dear Little Lambs,

Have you ever thought about how badly Satan wants to silence you? 

He wants you to be ashamed of your story. Yes “that” story. The one that might make you look bad. The one where you failed miserably, but the Lord carried you faithfully. Satan knows the incredible influence you can have by putting a voice to your testimony.

He wants me to be ashamed of my story as if my story was for me or even about me. He tells me that I need to be quiet about the Lord, because I missed God in a biggish way. He tells me that I cannot hear from God, discern His will or even know Him.

He doesn’t want it shared. If the enemy of our souls can shut our mouths he has won a great victory. I have been operating under operation lock down mode for a while now. I’ve carried the kind of silence that grows out of shame, pouting and defeat. I’ve been walking there daily. God has opened my eyes to see this. Satan’s goal is “silencing the lambs”.

So what can we do about Satan’s scheme? 

We speak the truth. Out loud. Break the silence.

The Lord is my shepherd. I know His voice. He leads me, convicts and speaks to me. He called me to Himself even as a child. He wants me to speak about Him and share my story (His story really) with others. He tells me that because of Jesus I am worthy and counted. He tells me that I do have influence over others and it matters that I influence them for Christ. He tells me that although I have missed Him in a biggish way, so did many giants of faith in the Bible. He tells me that I am His little lamb.

“I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have spoken of Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great congregation.”
Psalm 40:10

So dear one, what are you needing to say that Satan has thwarted you from speaking? Have you been walking in silence due to Satan’s schemes of shame, fear or defeat? I encourage you to break the silence!


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