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Goodness gracious!

It has been a long time since I have posted so I need to do a “recap of the spring” post. April is Always one of our busiest months and this year was no exception. Jonathan and I celebrated 13 years of marriage on a three day trip, we got a new puppy, Braeden turned 7, I attended the Women of Joy conference in OKC, we made two exciting trips to the cellar for tornadic weather and we spent a week in Texas at my in-laws. It was a wonderful month and I enjoyed every minute of it!

For our anniversary we spent one night in Oklahoma City and two nights at the wonderful Hayes House Bed and Breakfast in Muskogee where we had the most fabulous meal of our life. The owner Jim offers his guests the option of purchasing a five-course dinner that he cooks himself. A sweet friend who knew we were staying there and knew how wonderful Jim’s cooking was, paid for us to have the dinner. Thank you to Jim, Joy and my in-laws for everything!

 The Historic Hayes House in Muskogee, Oklahoma

We got an adorable Blue Merle Australian Shepherd in April too. We named him Bodie, and I in particular am pretty nuts about him. We started out thinking we would train him to be an indoor dog, but alas life is just too busy for me to potty train a dog. I think overall our cockapoo Goliath is happy to have the company outside although they have fought some so we will see.

The baby of the family turned seven in April and had fun parties at both of his grandparents homes. He is still really into pirates and Ganmaw Morris made him a neat treasure cake. She and I took the boys to an indoor trampoline park and they enjoyed that. He is getting so tall and is very gifted in his piano lessons. Jerri his teacher says he has an amazing rhythm and would also make a good drummer someday like his granddaddy Gary. Joshua is doing awesome too and is truly gifted in music as well as he is learning to play the violin. He has picked it up amazingly fast! He is such a responsible, neat guy. I can’t believe he will turn nine in the fall. It’s unbelievable to me!

 Braeden blowing out his candles with Aunt Meghan watching

We switched curriculum in May to My Fathers World and adore it. It combines unit study, Charlotte Mason and classical education. We are loving all the living history books. I am learning so much as well! So far we have studied about Vikings and the pledge of allegiance. Now we are learning about Christopher Columbus. I feel so blessed to have all this quality time with my boys. I am humbled by the opportunity!

Jonathan’s job as a landsman has subsided, so he is home with his family all the time now. What a privilege that we can all spend so much time together. We took on a job cleaning our church as a family every week so we can pay for the boys music lessons. Thankful for that opportunity. Things at church are going pretty well. He still loves to preach! That is all I can think of right now. I have to workout and then cook the pancakes I have had soaking overnight in my lovely Vitamix so see ya later!


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