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Spritzers: The Perfect Soda Alternative

These tart-sweet spritzers are a welcomed soda replacement in our home. My eight year old begs for one every day. I don’t feel guilty at all to oblige! 

Kat’s Favorite Flavored Spritzers 

from: The Truth About Beauty by Kat James

Fill a glass 2/3 full with plain seltzer (carbonated water) and some ice. Add an ounce of unsweetened cranberry juice and several drops (to taste) of plain or flavored stevia such as vanilla or lemon. If you don’t have the cranberry juice you can use the stevia alone. Add a slice of lemon or lime (I love to squirt lime into mine!)

Here are some other variations…the flavor combination possibilities are endless:

*Make a Fresca-like drink like this:
add a drop of Young Living (YL brand are food grade and the only I recommend) grapefruit essential oil to the plain seltzer with a squeeze of lime along with stevia to sweeten.

*Do half green tea/half seltzer for an extra lift (you can buy green tea concentrates that are even decaffeinated)

*Use cocoa extract with vanilla stevia & even add half & half to make an “egg cream”

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