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Slow Cooker Butter Beef With Noodles

This is one of the most delicious recipes we have tried in a long time! The preacher man I am married to : ) raved and raved. Last night I browned the stew meat in some oil and seasoned with Adobo seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, threw in the slow cooker with other ingredients and lunch was practically ready for us after church. All I had to do when we got home was cook the egg noodles and steam some veggies to eat on the side.


3 lbs cubed beef stew meat
1/2 cup butter
Homemade dry onion soup mix which is equal to 1 store bought package
1 tsp beef base like “Better Than Boullion” brand (you could probably use beef granules or cube instead)
Oil for browning meat
Worcestershire sauce, optional  
Adobo seasoning, optional 
Mushrooms, totally optional (I threw in a small can but if you had fresh that would be even yummier)

Preheat your crock pot (on low) since you will be adding hot food to it. If you don’t it can cause cracks to develop. Heat oil in a cast iron skillet over high enough heat to give a nice brown crust to the meat. Throw meat in and toss around for just a few mins. You don’t want to cook through, you’re just trying to seal in the juice and give it a nice flavor. While browning sprinkle some Adobo seasoning and splash on some worcestershire (optional). Instead of Adobo and worcesterhsire you could season with salt and pepper or other favorite season blend of your choice. Throw meat and juices from browning into preheated crock pot. Throw in your butter, dry onion soup mix and mushrooms if using. Cover and cook on low overnight or about 8 hours. If you get a chance stir a time or two. In the morning turn to keep warm setting. Serve over cooked egg noodles. Top with sour cream if you like although it doesn’t need it to be amazing.

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