Josh’s Kindergarten Update

Joshua is starting to read more & more. I am still very impressed with Horizon’s K Phonics curriculum. It’s great!

As I have mentioned before, “my little math lover” completed Math-U-See Primer in the fall & book 1 of Horizon’s K Math. Now we are on book 2 of Horizon’s K Math. It is a good math curriculum as well & I love the variety Joshua has received by doing both curriculum’s.

I am content with this first official year of homeschooling. I feel like he has learned way more than the typical kindergarten age child. I don’t say that to brag on myself, because it has certainly been in spite of me. I am not a gifted teacher by any means, but that is the beauty of homeschooling & the quality of the curriculum. More than that it is the grace of God to equip me to do what He called me to do & bless what I obey Him in.

Other than math & phonics we still do Bible (the most important thing we study!) as well as work on memory verses. I also read 2 or more children’s books to them each day. Braeden joins us for these things.

Jonathan and I are looking forward to attending our first homschool convention in OKC this summer. This will be a neat time to get away as a couple and prayerfully focus on our goals, convictions & curriculum choices for the next grade year.


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