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Protein Power Smoothie Recipe

Call me crazy, but I love a breakfast I can drink. Sometimes my appetite in the morning is poor at best so having a shake of some sort works well for me. Usually I’m hungry in the morning but don’t have the stomach to eat solid food very well if that makes sense. I don’t like breakfast cereal & things like that at all. I do enjoy biscuits, bacon & eggs for breakfasts, but we try to limit it to once a week.

After learning the unhealthiness of pretty much all protein powders & meal replacement shakes, I was on the lookout for something else.

Here is what Dr. Kim says about the following smoothie recipe on his site using the organic hemp protein powder he sells.

“This protein-rich smoothie is a healthy food choice for children and adults of all ages, and is particularly useful for fueling healthy growth in children and for replenishing one’s muscles after a workout.

This protein power smoothie recipe calls for organic hemp protein powder, which, unlike many commercially available protein powders, is 100% whole plant food – no fillers, and absolutely no protein isolates.”

Makes about 2 large servings


4 frozen bananas (slice into small pieces before freezing)
Almond or other non-dairy milk (for example his recipe for All-Natural Almond Milk or my recipe for non-dairy alternative)
2 tablespoons organic hemp protein powder
2 tablespoons raw honey


Use a strong blender to blend bananas, hemp protein powder, and honey together until smooth. You’ll need to use at least one cup of non-dairy milk to get things going. For smoothies that go down easily, use more non-dairy milk, and for smoothies that resemble thick ice cream, use less milk.

Please note: If you enjoy chocolate-flavored smoothies, substitute organic hemp protein powder with our chocolate, maca, and hemp protein blend – this blend is about two-thirds hemp, with the remaining third being an equal mix of raw chocolate and maca.


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