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Exciting Natural Sweeteners

I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners. I’ve always said that I’d rather just eat the white sugar than the artificial stuff with horrible aftertaste. When I want a soft drink I go for the non-diet varieties both because I can’t stand the taste of diet ones & I’m afraid they are more unhealthy than regular soda anyways.

With that said, I’m super excited about 2 new natural sugars available now. One is Stevia. I have learned by trail & error that not all brands of Stevia pass my taste test, but I’ll tell you about the one that has. SweetLeaf liquid Stevia comes in little glass bottles that you store in your fridge & simply drop a few drops to taste (it comes with a dropper lid) into your drink. I use it in iced tea, limeade & coffee. It has absolutely no aftertaste, zero calories, zero glycemic index & zero carbs. I have the plain sweet “Clear liquid” one, but would also like to try some of the flavored ones in the future. I’ve heard they are great too. Other flavors include Root Beer, Lemon, Cinnamon, English Toffee, Vanilla, Grape & many more. An online store that carries them at a good price with low flat rate shipping is I didn’t know about this site when I purchased mine & spent way more than I should have. I have not tried the powdered SweetLeaf varieties so I do not know if they are as good tasting as the liquid.

The other product that I’m excitedly hopeful about is Xylitol. I have not tasted it yet, but have it on order to ship to my home. I hope I’m as happy with it as I am the liquid Stevia. I will use the Xylitol crystals in place of granulated sugar in baking cookies, pies, cakes etc. The only thing you cannot do with Xylitol is use it in yeast breads b/c it actually kills bacteria….which is a good thing in most cases. I found great info about Xylitol on this blog. Do some research & see if you think it is safe too. Check it out!


One thought on “Exciting Natural Sweeteners

  1. I have not tried Xylitol… but I use SweetLeaf brand of stevia both the SteviaPlus powder and the flavored liquids. I love the chocolate flavor with cinnamon in skim milk, either cold or heated depending on whether i'm in the mood for milk chocolate or hot chocolate! The Engish toffee flavor is good with cinnamon in applesause and cooking apple chunks. The English toffee flavor is also good on cooking ham! Sometimes i use the root beer flavor in some sparkling water. I use the powder in soothies and have used it in a rich hot chocolate recipe that calls for unsweetend cocoa powder. I use both the powder and the vanilla creme flavor in baking. For lunch today I mixed two packets of the SweetLeaf SteviaPlus powder in a bowl of sweet potatoes, even though the bag called for like a 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and it was good! I could've done without as much salt, though!

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