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Free Homeschool Tracker Download

I briefly mentioned this in a prior post but wanted to explain it further & share the link with you.

Here in Oklahoma we have the BEST homeschool rights & laws. As far as I understand I do not have to keep track of things at least while they are in the elementary years. Nevertheless, I find it very motivating & helpful to do so.

This free homeschool tracker has several features I’m loving. Here are a few:

*It allows you with the click of a mouse to track on a calender if your child was “present” for school that day or sick. This will keep track of how many hours we put in each year.

*It has a reading log where you can log every book you read with your children. A neat option is to tag the book “unfinished” which is helpful for a large book that you will read over time. You can log that you read from it that day, but it will keep it in an unfinished catagory until you complete it.

*It has a field trip journal that allows you to post the dates & places you go for educational field trips. How fun it will be to look back over the years & see the places we visited!

If your state requires intense record keeping you can purchase more involved trackers from this site, but for my purposes the free works well. Here is the link. Choose to download the basic edition to get the free one.


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