Homeschool Update

Well, I am very badly behind on this blog, but it’s never too late for an update, right? It has been a happy, full fall & now winter. Joshua turned 6 in November & I cannot believe I have not posted his birthday party yet. I hope I will get motivated to get back into blogging regularly. I enjoy it when I do ; )

Joshua had a good fall semester of kindergarten. He particularly excelled in math. He quickly finished up MathUSee’s Primer book that probably should have taken the whole year to do, but I didn’t want to deny his strong hunger to plug along.

I am very impressed with MathUSee & the way they explain math concepts. I even learned some things that I didn’t understand all these years ; )

We stayed very busy with our local homeschool group this fall & enjoyed our time hanging out with friends & going to Praise & Move choir.

We started our Spring semester of school the first week in January. We are doing Horizon’s K math & Horizon’s K phonics. I am very pleased with their curriculum as well. It is my 2nd choice for math behind MathUSee, but my first choice for phonics so far & trust me….I’ve tried several things I didn’t like. There are 4 books in the K phonics & I’m hoping very much that he will be reading by the end of them.

Horizons can be found at & Mardel Christian Stores & they are priced pretty decently.

A friend recently told me about a free downloadable “Homeschool Tracker” that tracks attendance, books read, field trips, sick days & much more. I’m enjoying using it & recommend it to all.

I am such a no-fuss type homeschool mom. I like things to be laid out & clear cut…not overly creative & abstract. I don’t like that about myself, but I get very cranky when I pressure myself into doing those creative things I’m not comfortable doing. My poor kids!

Braeden is growing like a tower & has slightly edged above Joshua now in height. He is still skinnier than Josh though so they still weigh about the same. Brae’s favorite thing to do right now is ride his new bike (with training wheels) & listen to his ipod. He took after Jonathan in his intense love of music. KJ-52, Toby Mac, Jared Anderson, Hillsong Kids & Brandon Heath are a few of his favorites. He especially likes Christian hip-hop & can dance well like his daddy, auntie, both Granmothers & his cousin Alex. Brae still loves any type of art & craft activity & gets that from my mom & cousin Alex. I would LOVE to put him in an art camp someday b/c the good Lord knows he isn’t getting good art instruction at home!!!


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