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Reading Comprehension Tool

I picked up these two Reading Comprehension spinners at Mardel Christian Stores. The theme of one is “Tell Me About It” & it has the following prompts you can land on:

*Tell about a similar incident that happened to you.
*Give the book a new title. Tell why you chose it.
*What part of the story would you change? Explain why.
*Retell the story.
*Tell about 3 events from the story.
*Why do you think the author ended the story that way?
The other theme is “Story Elements” & has these prompts:
*What was the solution?
*What are the problems or conflicts?
*What is the main idea of the story?
*Who are the main characters?
*Where does the story take place?
*How did the story end?
I plan to use these tools to encourage the boys to really pay attention to the story & learn how to pick up on themes & details. They will be rewarded a point for each question they get correct…one spin/question per story time reading. At the end of the book they will get to cash in their points for a special surprise outing of mom & dad’s picking. It would be neat if the outing could correlate somehow to the theme of the book we just read. For example when we finish Little House in The Big Woods we could take a trip to a pioneer museum.

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