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Joshua’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Braeden doing dot to dot
Math U See
Josh’s Math
Sue Patrick’s organization system that organizes our daily work

We had a GREAT first day of “school” today. It went very smoothly & I love our schedule. We wake up & I cook breakfast (whatever is on my 2 week menu plan). After eating we read the Bible, pray & I bless them at the kitchen table. After clearing off the table we get dressed, brush teeth & make their beds.

Now we’re ready for school work. Josh & I do Math U See, Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons, more Bible, Handwriting, & sight words. Braeden is free to watch a movie or play quietly while I’m working with Josh.
When Josh & I are finished I do whatever preschool activities Braeden wants to do. Today we did a numbers dot to dot & file folder alphabet activity. After this they took turns doing a computer educational software activity. Then we did animal chores (collecting eggs, feeding & watering dogs & cats) & got ready for lunch.
Each day I will have a “helper” to come along side me in training. They will take turns having a day. My helper will help me with cooking, cleaning, animal chores, etc. The goal is for them to be able to eventually work independently & diligently on a number of tasks. After lunch I read out of a chapter book (we’re doing Little House in The Big Woods first) & they take a turn spinning a question wheel to help with reading comprehension. I will feature these doodaddys in another post…they are fabulous!!!
After our reading time they have one hour of “rest time”. During this time I have them stay on their beds either looking at books, sleeping or playing quietly with toys. I play a music or story cd during this time. Momma uses this hour to do whatever she wants or needs to do (like blogging ; ) )
From 3-5 on Monday-Friday I have alloted time for the boys to play video games. Yes, we let ours play video games….gasp! One of my boys will use up the whole 2 hours while the other will probably only last 30 mins.
I’m sure there will be tweaking all the time to what we do & when we do it, but this is a great start to a long & blessed journey. I’m so glad I’m being obedient to His call to homeschool. I know it will be worth it all. I cherish all the time I get to spend with them each day. Thank you Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Joshua’s First Day of Kindergarten!

  1. Torie, I love your schedule! I wish we had a mardels because those are great products you have. I'll have to look that up. What kind of computer software do you have?

  2. Lindsay, I would be happy to pick a set of those up & mail them to you the next time we go to a big city. Let me know if you want me to. As far as the software, I have "Reader Rabbit Preschool" & "Jumpstart Phonics". Then I got something called "Elementary School Success" from Sam's Club. It's for grades k-5 & it covers reading, math, science & more. I will just use it as a suplement to our studies.

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