Milestones · The Miracle ~ Braeden Paul

Faith Of A Child

My son Braeden today publicly confessed that he wants to follow Jesus & needs Him because he is a sinner. He desires to follow Him in believers baptism out of obedience & to follow Jesus example.

God has now answered the top 2 prayers of my life! Wow! I’m so grateful to Him & continue to give my children to Him & strive to raise little warriors for Jesus. God’s hand is on their lives & their hearts are tender for Jesus.
Now my prayer for them is that they will never take lightly the call on their life to be surrendered to Jesus. There is no room for lightweight, wimpy Christians. We are close to a time of Christian persecution here in America. May my sons not only be willing to die for Jesus, but LIVE for Him…..which in many ways is harder to do.
Join with me in thanking God for His faithfulness & answered prayers!

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