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What I learned At Bread Class

I am blessed to be part of a homeschool group in my area that does some really cool things.

Last week one of the moms hosted a bread class at her house. The lady who taught the class is a homeschool mom of eight who has been baking her own goods for seventeen years now. She owns a business called Sonrise Whole Grains in Oklahoma City where she sells grains, grain mills, baking supplies and cookbooks out of her home. I learned so much at the class & had a bake day this past Saturday to try out the recipes myself. They all turned out great & I plan to start making these fresh baked goods on a weekly basis.
Guess what all I got out of one bread recipe? Two small loaves of bread, two pizza crusts & a sheet of cinnamon rolls! If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know & I will post it. It calls for freshly ground whole wheat kernals so you would need to have that and a grain mill to grind it. There are so many great reasons to buy whole kernals. One is that they have a super long shelf life as opposed to wheat flour from the grocery store. Also, the nutrition value of freshly ground wheat is astounding. Here are pictures of my goodies. Like I said, if you are interested in more information on using fresh wheat, just ask & I would be glad to help you.

2 thoughts on “What I learned At Bread Class

  1. Torie, you are soooo cool! I wish I lived next to you. We'd be baking and trading stuff all the time! I'd love to know more info. I've gone through phases in life of baking my own. Some seasons I'm able and some I'm not but I use to do it alot. Please give me more info on what you learned though. I'd like the recipe. I'll check out her site though. Thanks friend!

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