In The Meantime

In the fall we will start our “official” first day of homeschool! Joshua will be nearly six & ready to tackle kindergarten. Being a natural planner I am enjoying pondering the things I want him to learn his first year. One of my biggest goals is teaching him to read. He has already been exposed to phonics quite a bit & can read a few little words. JumpStart Phonics Reading & Rhyme is a computer game that he has enjoyed playing & learning with. I do recomend it if you don’t mind your little one using your computer : ) And I’ve done some lessons with him from Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I will start that over & do it consistently when school starts.

Bible, Reading, & Math will be his main subjects, but we will be doing & learning various other things through unit studies. I’d like to do a garden unit study in the spring & throw in some weather studies for a bit of science fun. We’ll also do a weekly nature journal. There are some life skills & chores I would like to train them how to do as well. For example I’m going to have them start helping with the watering & animal care including the chicken pen cleaning.
I can’t wait to start, but in the meantime we are going to have a memoriable summer!
The boys enjoyed Vacation Bible School at their Grandaddy’s church in town last week & will get another dose of it the week after the 4th of July at our church.
We will be in Florida at the beach for two weeks in August for my sister-in-law’s wedding. We’re all counting down the days for that as you can imagine.

4 thoughts on “In The Meantime

  1. Hey!Thank you! We got married in Dec. So if I read your blog right you are homeschooling? What curriculum do you use if I may ask? I am thinking about homeschooling (when I have kids!), and I like to see what other people use.About phonics, my mom used to teach me using the book: "Teach Your Child to Read in a Hundred easy Lessons." I haven't heard of the one you mentioned. I am sure there are plenty books out there since I learned how to read! :)Thanks for replying! God Bless!

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