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Let’s Do A Little Preparation!

Has the Lord been nudging your spirit that it might be a good idea to prepare a little for hard times?

If so, you are not alone.
I know spirit-filled believers by the scores that are being led to do things they didn’t 5 years ago. Even unbelievers are considering the times.

Is it Biblical to prepare for famine, rough economy or natural disasters? Yep. The preparation that Joseph did saved many lives from starvation. Also, Proverbs makes no bones that it is wise to prepare.
Does that mean you aren’t trusting or having enough faith in God that He’ll take care of you? I don’t believe so. In fact it could be seen as a lack of faith to not prepare…especially if God’s nudged your heart to do so. Just obey!
Oh the naysayers will call you radical & paranoid. But that’s okay.
The truth is anything we do on this earth can be destroyed by rust or moth including our efforts to “prepare”. I don’t put my trust & hope in anything I can stock up on. But that doesn’t mean I can’t stock up & prepare WHILE trusting only in Him & His provision. You can do both….at the same time!
Here is a list that has some ideas of things that might be nice to have on hand pretty soon. We may not have adequate warning to rush out & gather supplies before the storm hits. Now is the time to prepare. Be wise in any prep you do. Buy only foods that you will eat now & ROTATE them so that it doesn’t go bad if the crisis is delayed.
Happy preparing & God bless your efforts to share with others in their greatest time of need….first sharing Him, then sharing your stuff.
solar battery kits
Glock entrenching tool
Extensive First aid
solar lanterns/lamps
heirloom vegetable seeds
toilet paper
550 paracord rope
short wave radio
walkie talkies
whole wheat kernals (last forever whereas flour will go bad)
hand grind mill for the grains
canned meals/veggies/fruits
winter gear for those in cold winters (coats/boots/hats/gloves)
matches in ziplocks to keep dry
reference books
tent with portable stove
sleeping bags
These are just a few ideas. Make your own list, but pray first & ask the Lord to guide you & give you wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Do A Little Preparation!

  1. This is a wonderful list. The word "prudent" has been on my heart and mind for about a year now. wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober.careful in providing for the future; provident: a prudent decision. Do you buy and electricity free household items from Lehman's? It is a wonderful store. And you know, you can never be too prepared. Lots of love,Caroline

  2. I love the words you listed for prudent! I forgot about Lehman's but will check it out again. Thank you for the reminder.Your sister in Jesus, Torie

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