Weigh In Monday – Keepin’ it Real!

I have good news & bad news. Which would you like first?

Okay, I think I’ll give you the bad news first so we can end on a positive note.
Bad news: I only lost .2 lbs. Yes that’s a point two….not a two! LOL!
Good news: I have LOVED my 7:00 rising schedule & want it to be permanent. I use it to fellowship with the Lord & walk. I’ve been walking an hour every morning.

This will be my last Monday weigh in. I know it was very short lived, but I think my heart is just not in it as far as the dieting part.
I’m content & happy which is more important than being a smaller size. I’m a good size & I need to accept that!

One thought on “Weigh In Monday – Keepin’ it Real!

  1. That's ok! I think you look great and don't even need to lose .2 lbs! It's much harder to lose weight if you don't have much to lose. I'm so glad you got your morning time of fellowship out of it!

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