Monday Weigh-In


Can you say “scratch this last week” & start over? 

I gained a pound! 

***Obviously I did not do well @ all with my diet or workouts. In fact, I was EXTRA bad!!! Soooo I’m starting over***

I began a new schedule this week that should….um WILL help my efforts. I’m getting my rear in gear by getting my rear out of bed @ 7:00 am each morning. This will be wonderful for many areas of my life. First thing I’ll do is get the coffee going & read the Word for about 15 mins. Then I’m going to hop on the treadmill for either a 2 mile run or 1 hour walk & pray. The treadmill is a fabulous time to pray & talk to Jesus! You should try it. 
Two of those days I will spinning on the spin bike instead of doing the treadmill. Also on the days I walk I’m going to try listening to the Bible on DVD. It’s like Bible on tape/cd only it’s on the screen of your tv too. 
For those of you like me who’re new to this type of craziness (combining prayer/the Word/exercise) …it’s called multitasking….knocking out two birds with one stone, or three in this case. 
See you next week with better results. They could only get better….right?

3 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In

  1. Blessings to you, Torie,I have willed myself to eat more salads and walk. I'm looking for some walking shoes. We shuffled our family room around to squeeze in a tread mill.God Bless you as you stretch, walk and chase after your delightful boys.~Deanna~

  2. Hi Torie,I'm not familiar with Anne Ortlund and Renewal Ministries, but I have a feeling I'm about to be.I checked out the internet site of Renewal Ministries and ohhhhhh I'd love to attend Anne's in-house Renewal Days with Anne in her New Port Beach Home. I'll be on the look out for The Gentle Ways Of A Beautiful Woman. This sounds like a wonderful book.I'm so glad you asked me if I've read this. I hope to.God Bless,~Deanna~

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