Monday Weigh In

Today is the official “start” of my weight loss challenge. I weighed in at 126 1/2 lbs. That’s less than I thought I weighed which is great, but I’ll still shoot for a 10 lb loss. 

Now some of you are probably thinking….oh poor baby, she weighs 126! Well, I know that’s not overweight, BUT I have a pretty small frame & am only 5’3” sooooooooooooo I could stand to loose those 10……especially for a beach vacation. 
I’m a little concerned about my start today however for 2 reasons. 
#1 I have a super sore heal. It feels like I bruised it & I could barely walk yesterday. It is less painful today, but still not sure if I can do the workout. We’ll see. 
#2 My cousin from Colorado is coming for a visit this evening & these kind of situations lend themselves to OVEREATING. She & her husband are vegetarians so I am cooking tortilla soup, loaded guacamole, championship bean dip, chips & of course dessert. Cheer me on that I’ll eat moderate portions!
I will check back in next Monday for another weigh in to see how this week’s calorie counting & workouts have worked…..or not worked. ; )

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