Diet Ticker ~ Monday Weigh-ins

My friend (you know who you are) is starting a Monday weigh-in for weight loss accountability on her blog. I’d love to loose 10 pounds by August for our trip to Florida so I decided to join her & will do the same on my blog. My sister-in-law is getting married on the beach! My husband is preaching the wedding & I’m a bridesmaid. 

Sooooo, I’m going to “weigh-in” each Monday to track my progress. Feel free to join me if you have a weight loss goal of your own. We can be accountability buds ; )
Here is my simple weight loss plan….so easy a cavewoman could do it. Only this cavewoman loves….& I mean adores food….especially rich calorie-laden food : ( Surely I can do this for just a few months!!!
1500 calories/ day on the weekdays
1500-2000 calories/ day on weekend (Sat & Sun)
Run 2 miles on treadmill 3 x week
Ride spin bike 20 mins 2 x week

What’s your plan?

2 thoughts on “Diet Ticker ~ Monday Weigh-ins

  1. I’ve been trying to loose weight for years! Then I went to Africa and lost over ten pounds in two weeks…should I tell you how fast I gained it back on upon returning home?! I LOVE to eat! I have five brothers and for some reason they all started gaining after they got married. Two of them decided to just take one helping at meals. No second helpings! It has worked very well for them. They look so good! I think it’s harder for women to loose weight??!

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