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Angry Letter To God

The first letter I will share is one that I wrote to God at my breaking point. I am not proud of the bitterness that I felt & I know others who have reacted much more gracefully than I about infertility. I’m thankful that my Jesus didn’t give up on me & turn away from me although I threw fits on him & accused Him of unfairness. He knew my heart & I knew I couldn’t hide those feelings from Him anyways. At this point obviously I didn’t know the plan God had for us to adopt Joshua. 

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4 thoughts on “Angry Letter To God

  1. Thank you for sharing something so personal. I have had every single one of those thoughts/feelings too. I’m looking forward to reading more of your letters because I can relate and will be able to relate to more after our adoption is complete.By the way, since my blog is private, you won’t see my new posts on your dashboard, so you’ll have to check in every now and then! I just posted some big news!

  2. Glad I bummed into your blog. What breath of fresh air in all your honest vulnerability. I’ll be back to visit.always remember to keep chasing righteousness!!

  3. Torie, Have you heard that story about a man watching the parade as he sat on the curb. He could only see the parade that was right before him. After the start of the parade went by, he could no longer see it and from where he was sitting, he couldn’t see the end of the parade.But the guy up on the umpteenth floor of a city building could see the entire parade from up above. He could see the beginning of the parade, the middle and the end. There was such order from his view point.Life sometimes seems like this. Depending on where we’re viewing the parade will determine how much of it we can see. As some time has past, your life has changed and didn’t stay where it started. You can now see that the parade has a beginning, middle and conclusion. Before another parade starts, we may want to view it from a different place.Though you didn’t actually know how all of this was going to end, you still went to God.Your angry letter to God is gut honest and that’s goes along ways.Through your difficult time, you continued to communicate with God and He wants that.Blessings to you always,~Deanna~

  4. Krysta, I know you have dear. It gives us a kindred bond. I'm so excited for your new adoption journey!Susanz Place, it is nice to meet you & thank you for the encouragement! I'll come visit your blog as well. Deanna, I like that story alot…very good example of seeing the big picture. Thank you for your encouragement as always! You're a dear ; )Love, Torie

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