Prophetic Acceleration Around the World

I thought this was a timely reminder of the times it appears we’re living. Things are shaking & moving! Waiting for my Blessed Hope to come again!

By Bill Wilson, Daily Jot News Service Senior Analyst


WASHMay 27–DJNS–Headlines around the world would suggest that end times prophecies are accelerating at an exponential rate compared to other times in history.North Korea is destabilizing the world with several missile tests and nuclear bomb blasts, and says that it is no longer bound by the 1953 armistice that ended the hostilities of the Korean WarIran, one of the members of the Ezekiel end time prophecy of nations that come against Israel, is on a sure path toward nuclear weapons, and is also destabilizing the Middle East by sending warships into international waters. Russia, also a member of the Ezekiel prophecy, is using none of its influence to mitigate these actions.

The rest of the article:


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