Organization and Planning

Preparing The House & Homeschool Organizing

….for official homeschool to start in the fall! Getting all the books in order & handy. 

Hey, check out Shannon’s blog. She explains an organizational system that she has started using with her children’s homeschool & it sounds so wonderful that we are going to do it as well. I think my boys will love seeing the progress of their day & know exactly what they are doing next. Mom is going to love it too. At night when they go to bed I will be handing out activities, directions, lessons & projects into the buckets. And just like children on Christmas morning they will leap out of bed in the morning to see what neat things they get to do that day. 

3 thoughts on “Preparing The House & Homeschool Organizing

  1. Dear Torie,This looks so nice and orderly. A great job. I can’t wait til we have more order in our home. It’s such a challenge for us with projects going on.I like the music you have on your site.Have a blessed week!~Deanna~

  2. I clicked on that picture to enlarge it and recognized a whole bunch of material and books…Charlotte Mason, Debi Pearl, your teaching material. Do you ever go to library sales? They can be a goldmine! I was at a school garage sale last week where the books were .10 a piece. That was like winning the lottery for me!

  3. Thanks Deanna, our home is so tiny that we are trying to organize every nook & cranny to it's fullest potential! ; )Remnant, I have never known of library sales. That would be a fabulous way to get books. I live near small towns & the libraries are not very extensive, but I still will find out if they have sales. Thanks for the tip! ; )

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