The Gift ~ Joshua Ryan · The Miracle ~ Braeden Paul

Love Language

Sure, my kids are only 4 & 5, but I have their love language pegged

Braeden, my 4 year old’s is “touch” & “acts of service”. He is a lap baby that loves to cuddle & be touched. He always wants me to do something for him. He still would rather me put his socks on his feet than dress himself. Not the most independent person ever, but you gotta love him ; )
Joshua, my 5 year old’s is “words of affirmation” & “companionship”. Words can put a light in his eyes & joy on his face. He loves, loves, loves for someone to watch him play a video game or to play with him. He is an irresistable optimist that I love to be around. You can’t not love this little cutie….even when he wakes up loud & cheerful in the morning ; )

Being mindful of their love language helps me show them love & fill up their love bank. 

One thought on “Love Language

  1. Hi! Thanks for you comment on my blog and your great suggestions. I love LOVE LANGUAGES!!! My husband and I were actually just talking about that book this morning and wondering about our kids….

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