Convictions · Obedience And Discipline

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

This theme just keeps coming up. 

I’m thinking about how it applies to MY life & not just my children’s. Do you have a verse or nugget from scripture that pops in your head all the time??? “Obedience is better than sacrifice” is the one that always pops in mine. I’d say several times a week, seriously. I even asked our Bible study group if they knew where that was in scripture or if I’d “made it up”. Nobody could tell me where it was, but they believed it was in there somewhere too. 

In today’s Bible study with the boys, it showed up! It’s in 1 Samuel. 
Samual brought King Saul a word from God that he was to go & fight against the Amalekites & “destroy EVERYTHING they have, not saving ANYTHING alive”. You see the Lord was angry with the Amalekites from all the way back when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt through the dessert. This cruel group of people had followed after them & killed the people who were too weak or too old to keep up with the others & had lagged behind. The Lord promised to fight against them forever. 
Here’s where Saul failed. He did not obey God’s command to kill all the animals. He & his soldiers kept all the best of the Amalekite animals so that they could sacrifice them to the Lord. Did you catch that???? They in their rational, human minds thought they had a better plan than God. And they thought it would please God to disobey Him in this instance. I doubt they even realized exactly what they had done. 
I need to examine myself with the help of the Holy Spirit & see if there is any area of my life where I have come up with my own “godly” plan that may not line up with His. Are there areas where I sacrifice something He hasn’t asked me to instead of simply obeying what He has asked me to do, or not do. He is faithful to show us our faults when we ask & allow Him to. 

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