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Newest Raised Bed Garden & The Permanent Chicken Yard

My husband & I have now completed raised bed garden #2. The goal is 3 total this year. If you recall I have onions (red & white), garlic & cucumbers in bed #1. My new bed has 2 roma tomato plants, 2 jalapeno plants, sage, cilantro & rosemary. I am looking for a sweet basil plant to complete it. YUMMY! Spring is my favorite time of the year.

Also, we have “the girls” moved into their permanant pen & they love it. We have a few more loose ends to tie up on it that will ensure more predator resistance. We have our lawn chairs facing the chickens as they provide endless entertainment….those goofy birds!

One thought on “Newest Raised Bed Garden & The Permanent Chicken Yard

  1. That’s funny that they are so entertaining! I had no idea!We had a rooster for a few months. He was abandoned and found his way into our yard…and then our hearts. The nieghbors werent happy when he started crowing though. Thank God, we were able to take him to a local petting zoo where he has hundreds of chicken friends now!That’s a REALLY NICE pen you have there. 5 star! “The Girls” should be pleased!!!Your garden is pretty. I hope you get lots of food for dinners!

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