Obedience And Discipline

Training Your Child in Obedience

God has blessed my husband & I with two pretty amazing boys. They are very obedient, loving, don’t throw fits & are easily corrected. Lately however I’ve been bothered by the lack of “immediate” obedience of one of my children. I have to tell him SEVERAL times to complete a simple task like “get your clothes on”. 

This is wearing on me for good reason. It is my fault! I should not just blow it off & let it “slide” as no big deal. I will be doing my child a disservice if I allow him to continue in this pattern. I am responsible to TRAIN my children. 
The quote I found here is full of wisdom & I plan to impliment it immediately:
“When we ask a child to do something more than once, we are training him to wait until we have told him twice before he obeys.., or we are training him to wait until we have raised our voice before he obeys.., or we are training him to wait until we have threatened him before he obeys. We can train him to obey immediately when we tell him once in a normal conversational tone.”

Another quote from the site I loved is:

“The child who is only taught “the way he should go” can also hear other teaching and depart from the way he has been taught. But the promise to the parent who trains his child is: “WHEN HE IS OLD, HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT.”

One thought on “Training Your Child in Obedience

  1. There is something in “The Duggars: 20 and Counting” about this. It is too much to type, but I highly reccomend their book. They outline different points of obedience:1. Instant (if it doesn’t happen instantly it’s not obedience)2. Cheerful3. Thorough4. Unconditionalxoxo

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