Doggy Friends

We have a new puppy @ Deerun. We weren’t looking for a new pup, but he found us. He’s lucky that we have a very soft heart for the abandoned & that daddy fell in love with him immediately. Actually it was a few weeks ago, Braeden’s birthday to be exact, when we went to the park & were greeted by FIVE little starving puppies. They were obviously all from the same litter & had probably been “dropped off” by someone abandoning them : (.  We took a special liking to the little runt “Trigger”. He had an extra special disposition & was (is) cute as the fat roll on a baby’s leg. We gave all the other pups to animal control except one that we ended up finding another home for. Anyways Trigger has been a wonderful addition to our family. I think Goliath (our 2 year old Cockapoo) is happy to have a little brother to run around with. 


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