Chicken Keeping

Chickens Moving Outside

Have I mentioned that we have named all the girls now? I love their names. Many of them are off of the movie Chicken Run. We loved the old British names used on there. So here are their names: Faye (after my special girlfriend Connie Faye who helped & inspired me that I could do this), Ginger, Babs, Edwina, Agnes, Bunty & Hilda.

Our girls have grown so big that we decided it was time for them to make the move outside. They were getting crowded in their brooder! We have built a small make-shift pen to keep them in & hopefully predators out until we can finish their permanent outdoor pen. They are almost 5 weeks now & they have their feathers. The weather is nice enough (not too cold) that I think they’ll do just fine outside now. Whew, I can’t believe we made it to this day! It seems so much longer than 5 weeks ago that we brought the tiny babies home! We’re relieved & thankful that all 7 have survived. We fully expected to loose one or two in those first few days, but with much prayer & care they have made it. We LOVE raising these girls. They are so fun to watch & every aspect of their care so far has been a complete pleasure for our family. I’m so proud & smiling big!!!!!!!!! Something about this just “feels right”. I love taking care of God’s creatures & look forward to reaping the benefits around August….EGGS!!!

2 thoughts on “Chickens Moving Outside

  1. I sooo want to raise a few chickens. We live in a sub where farm animals aren’t allowed, but I’m still dreaming…You make it look very do-able.

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