Joshua Received Christ Today!

Today I went over the “How Can I Become A Child of God?” pamplet with the children. I have mentioned this before. It goes over the 7 C’s: Creation, Corruption (sin), Catastrophe (the flood), Confusion (Babel), Christ (sin solution), Cross (sacrifice), Consummation (our forever future with Him). I highly recommend printing this little story off & going over it with any children in your life. It is easily understadable & layed out very well. 

Anyways, Joshua understood all the questions covered & was very sorry that he is a sinner & believes Jesus died to pay the penelty for his sins. He wanted to pray & tell God these things & it was a sweet heartfelt prayer. I’m a blessed woman!

4 thoughts on “Joshua Received Christ Today!

  1. Torie,This is something to shout a hallelujah about! Just before Easter!!!!!The 7C’s is something I haven’t seen before, but will be getting a copy of. It’s wonderful.Doesn’t the number 7 symbolize God’s perfection???God Bless.

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