Chicken Keeping

New Baby Chicks

We have some new baby chicks here at the Schoolhouse…seven to be exact. They seem to be doing pretty well in their brooder. I have the new mama jitters & wake up all through the night worrying about them. Please pray that God will bless our chicken raising efforts despite our lack of knowledge of what we’re doing. Also pray that mom can sleep & not fret over the fragile little things. I already have one with pasty butt & made it bleed trying to clean it. I don’t know what I’m doing! They can die from pasty butt so I knew I had to get it off. Also, I don’t know how to get the clips off their little wings. They were put on there by the hatchery to tell the sexes. So as you can see we are excited but need lots of prayer!!! 

4 thoughts on “New Baby Chicks

  1. What fun – especially for the boys!! We will pray for your little chicks to grow into healthy chickens! We are learning with the bees that we have sooo much to read and learn!! Look forward to more chick stories!!!

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