A Sweet Gift

My husband & I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on April 10th! 

We can’t afford to spend much money right now so we had decided to not buy each other gifts. At the most we plan to have dinner & see a movie (if there are any worth seeing @ the time). 
I say all this to say that my husband broke our rule & bought me a small gift that he couldn’t wait until then to give me. He must have been doing his homework & reading his wife’s blog because he got me the little egg cookbook I put on my wishlist a few weeks ago. Isn’t that sweet of him? He arranged the cookbook in a little basket that I can use to collect eggs once we get our new chickens & they start laying. To finish off the look, he added a chicken kitchen towel to the mix. 
I think he’s a keeper….till death do us part!!! If you are reading this, I love you honey & pick you.

3 thoughts on “A Sweet Gift

  1. Though I don’t always show it, you are the love of my life! It is so fun for me to pay attention to small things to be able to surprise you. I hope you enjoy it and of course cook some of the things found in the book. Happy almost Anniversary!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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