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Braeden’s Prayer & The Day of The Lord

Braeden’s prayer today:

“God, help all the sick people to eat vegetables to give them strength & help people go to heaven when they leave their homes before the fire comes.” 
The boys have said before that they don’t want to go to the home in heaven because they want to stay here in their present home. I suppose that’s a compliment to their dad & I. I attempted to explain that they will want to go someday because the earth is not always going to be a comfortable place to live. 
Someday God will pour out his wrath on this planet (& there will be some REAL global warming, Amen?) during the Day of the Lord. The Saints of God who know Him & who He knows will be raptured/ressurected prior to the Day of the Lord when God pours out that wrath via the bowls in Revelation at the END of the tribulation. As I read & studied the Bible for myself, I found that some of the popular escapism teaching of our day are incorrect. One thing I learned is that the 70th week/tribulation of the saints & Israel is not God pouring out his wrath. 
Some say, “well, if we have to go through the tribulation, where is the blessed hope that God promises?” I cannot imagine a greater blessed hope than knowing Jesus is coming for us while we are being perseucted & suffering. Other than what the Bible has to say about there being ONE resurrection of Christ’s people in 1 Corinthians 15:20-28, I wonder how many know that Pretrib theology is relatively new. All of the early church fathers believed that Christians would go through the tribulation. I could go on & on. I don’t know how I got off onto escatology, but I’ll just stop there before this post gets super long. I know that my views of rapture timing are not popular in our day & time, but that’s okay. I’m used to it by now & I don’t mean that in a haughty way. I love my pretrib brothers & sisters, just don’t agree with them. 

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