Teaching Them To Read

I started “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons” with the boys today. We do not officialy start kindergarten with Joshua until the fall, but I want to go ahead & work on reading. Braeden is so interested in “school” & learning that I am teaching him too. He turns four in April so he is not too young to learn. 

This book uses the proven SRA DISTAR reading program. The goal is to do a 15 minute lesson most every day. We did Lesson 1 today. It went well & they really enjoyed it. I teach them each seperately so they get my undivided focus & attention per lesson. Something I really love about this book is the script it provides for the parent to know exactly what to say. 
That is awesome for someone like me who is not verbaly articulate. I process my thoughts internally & have difficulty expressing them in a fluid manner. I can communitcate better through written expression. But don’t worry, the boys will still have a good education & we can use curriculum that is not in lecture format for mama. Beside I believe both kids are more visual/tactile learners than verbal. 
Hopefully in a little more than 100 days (give some room for needed days off) they will both be reading!!! I’m excited ; ) I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to teach my children at home. I pray that the privilage will never be taken away by our government. 

One thought on “Teaching Them To Read

  1. Look forward to hearing if this book works well for you. I used it for my 2nd child and she did not do well with it, but thought I might try it again with my 3rd, who is a boy. keep us updated on your progress!!

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