Creation Evangelism

Creation Evangelism For Your Children

I’m so excited about a new resource we have found. A good homeschool mom friend mailed us a video to watch called “Why Won’t They Listen?: The Power of Creation Evangelism” featuring Ken Ham of The video was great & my husband plans to share it with our Bible study group @ church. 

In the video Ken showed the 7 C’s of Creation Evangelism & my husband & I immediately thought it was a great tool to use when teaching our kid’s the gospel. We thought we would need to come up with our own visuals using the 7 C’s, but I found this on their site & printed it off. It’s a downloadable file for children called “How Can I Become A Child of God?” & it uses the 7 C’s to show why we need salvation. This is such a wonderful resource & I just wanted to share it with as many parents as possible! Go over it many times with your children & help them memorize it. They can use it to share the gospel with others as well. I believe this material is appropriate for kid’s ages 3 years +. Three year olds can memorize very well & understand more than you would think. We have found in our Bible study & memorization times that stickers are good insentives for rewarding good listening, answering question correctly & mastering memorization. 
The 7 C’s are:
Corruption (sin enters the world corrupting it)
Catastrophe (Noah’s Ark)
Confusion (Tower of Bable & where different people groups came from)
Consumation (the restoration of all things)

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