Butterflies Over A Blender Named Horace

Love is in the air. I just used my new blender that was purchased with Christmas money & it’s THE ONE. I have divorced many over the years due to malfunctionality & ware & tear. I forsee a long future with this daddy. My other man reminded me that HE found it for me & convinced me that it would make me happy. At first I had turned my nose up @ it, because I was a blender snob. I thought that blenders should have a glass pitcher, no exceptions. But after viewing a few of the features I gave in & gave it a shot. We’ll just go ahead & call my new guy, “Horace”. Horace has a polycarbonate pitcher, which I know nothing about, but he is shatter resistant, scratch & stain resistant & can stand extreme temps. Hopefully he doesn’t cause cancer, but we won’t worry about that for now. The sexiest part of Horace’s physique is his one-piece design.  There are no pieces to remove for cleaning & his “dynamic interior contours” continually direct food into the blade for fast, thorough blending. If that doesn’t excite you, you might be dead. Okay enough gushing for now, I have to go ponder another excuse to see Horace in action. 

One thought on “Butterflies Over A Blender Named Horace

  1. I feel so cheap, as I have been replaced by a blender. I guess it is my fault since I introduced you two. I just didn’t see it coming. I guess I was blind and naive. What’s a boy to do with a product lover?

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