Nature Walks

A Nature Walk Out Back

Today Daddy, the boys, & I went on a nature walk behind & around our parsonage & church in the country to see what we could find. There is a large, long retaining ditch that runs the length of the property behind the house & church. Right now it is bone dry & good for crossing. Behind that is a wall of trees & a wheat field beyond. We made nature notebooks to take along. I let Josh & Brae decorate them with “buggy” (as Josh lovingly calls them) & planet stickers.  The Bob the Builder backpack carried a lidded jar (for any buggy friends we might find), a magnifying glass & the camera. 

Unfortunately, we saw now life whatsoever. No buggies, no birds, no interesting plants except for the one in the picture behing Josh. It looked like a species of the yucca plant, but I am not sure. I know that Spring will not let us down & will be here before we know it. 
The boys loved doing this. I thank my friend @ THEONETHING for keeping me inpired about nature study. My parents took me on nature walks all the time when I was growing up & they are some of my fondest memories. Now it’s my turn to pass on the fun to my family. Looking forward to many more…especially in the Spring!

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