I digress yet again

So I have been lazy the last two days on our Bible study time. I don’t really have any other excuse other than lack of diligence. Pray that I will pick right back up like we never missed a beat. I have learned to not be so “all or nothing”. In the past if I missed a few days of something, it was the end of my idealistic world & I would throw in the towel. Now I realize that I just need to pick up & keep trucking. It seems that if I do good in one area, another area suffers. I have done awesome in my workouts & eating good this week, but not so good in my mommy brownie points this week. Arg. Anyways, I wanted to share the cute haircut pictures that I would like to have done to my hair. This is Elizabeth Hassleback (sp?) from The View. She is by the way the only decent thing about that show, IMO. ; ) What do you think (about the hair not the View)?


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