Girls are WEIRD!

I love my sisters all the way from sister Eve (whom I inherited my sinful nature from) to the girlfriends & special women in my life now. However, we are just plain weird. We have issues that the menfolk I know do NOT have. I think that in the fall, us chicks were given all the “issues” & the only curse men were given was us. Aw, now that may be a little harsh & our men would probably not admit in our presence that I am right ; ). Here are 3 observations (that I’m willing to share) which cause me to believe that we are one hormone short or long of normal.

1. I am around 3 men (well two of them are boys) almost 24/7 & they are normal.
2. They are totally uninhibited & not the least bit self conscious being themselves. 
3. They can fight it out & be over it in zero point nine seconds. AND they don’t remember the fight @ all after it’s over. 

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