Torie’s 2009 To-Do List

~Go visit my amazing friend Mica in Texas & see her new home, finally

~Work up to running a 5k with no dying involved
~Play outside more with my boys, even if I get dirty
~Stop being a sissy & shoot guns & bows (with enthusiasm) with my studdly husband
~Ignore self-imposed guilt about not living up to my own humanly impossible standards
~Read through the Bible by January 1st 2010
~Do a specific study on all the words of Jesus
~Go on a Walk to Emmaus
~Do the study “Footsteps of the Messiah” by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
~Get up @ 6:30 am every morning except Saturday
~Wear my Suzy Homemaker apron to clean the house in (even if it gets dirty)
~Turn on the little decor lamps throughout my house more often just because it makes me happy
~Teach both boys how to wipe their bottoms like professionals
~Learn how to use smilies on the computer
~Borrow someone’s power washer & spray down the back porch & house siding
~Make & drink iced tea nearly every day because my mom did & it makes me feel like a big girl
~Find the next litter of kittens to be born so they won’t be wild as march hares
~Get 10 minutes of sun on non-sunblocked skin @ least 3x per week
~Be @ peace with the ever increasing amounts of gray hairs appearing on my vain head
~Be verbally encouraging to my family & friends
~Wash all the red Oklahoma dirt off each window inside & out
~Refrain myself 20 more times than last year from saying something that will embarass my husband or myself (use more censorship) ; ) & (think before you speak)
~Storm chase a tornado this spring
~Buy the “I love tornados” t-shirt that I have been eyeing to celebrate late spring in Oklahoma
~Get our storm shelter bags ready with flashlights, water & radio by the end of March


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